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Quality Starts at the Source of the Problem
Like crowdsourcing, quality experts have submitted and cataloged hundreds of solutions to everyday manufacturing problems. Assured Quality (AQ) helps you identify and create defect-free products, services, or processes, from concept to consumer.

Assured Quality provides the ideal tool for managers, product designers, engineers, and factory floor workers to tackle any type of quality control issue. It does all of this while substantially increasing corporate profits.

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Mistakes, constitute 50-70% of defect leaving the factory, and nearly 100% of field problems


No One Can Predict Mistakes or Defects
No one can successfully predict system-level defects by combining the predictions for individual processes. Roughly a third of all defects occur because of errors that happen during transportation and handling outside of process control. Traditional sampling inspection can’t detect or control mistakes, the principle source of defects, and is therefore imperfect.

Averaging Significantly Underestimates Defects
The method of averaging three or four readings to create a sample and discarding outliers significantly underestimates the number of events that will fall outside control limits in the tails of distributions.

Statistical Methods will Never Achieve World Class Quality
Because of these problems, statistical methods, including Six Sigma, never achieve world-class levels of quality by themselves. One company calls itself a Six Sigma company but recognizes that its process control records have an 8% error rate—an illustration of the difference between perceived and actual results.

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Mistake-proofing results in 20-100 times fewer defects than other quality techniques


Mistakes Are Rare and Random Events
It is impossible to reliably predict when a mistake will occur, and mistakes occur so infrequently that it is very difficult to accurately measure their frequency. Mistake rates can fluctuate rapidly over relatively short periods of time. And there are so many types of mistakes that can occur that although each type of mistake is rare, collectively, mistakes cause most defects in modern services and products.

Stop Punishing Individual’s Mistakes
Punish individuals for pointing out mistakes, and they will never be reported. Identifying mistakes requires a new approach. Our simple reporting system encourages your team to recognize and address mistakes. With Assured Quality’s process teams focus on eliminating mistakes. One site manager noted, “For the first time, I can clearly see what we can do to help everyone control mistakes.”

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Reduce defects to less than 30 parts per 1,000,000




Variation, Mistakes, and Complexity
Dr. Hinckley’s work in the 1990s was the first to quantify the relationship between product complexities and defect rates. This work demonstrated that variation, mistakes, and complexity are different sources of nonconformities that require distinctly different control methods.

6-Step Mistake-Proofing App
The first step of AQ’s Mistake-Proofing App identifies and selects the highest priority problems. After analyzing the problems, multiple solutions are always generated. This is the key to finding less complex products and processes. The alternative concepts are then compared and the best option is selected. After implementation, the solution is evaluated. If the concept is effective, the use of the concept is standardized throughout the organization.

Automated One-Page Performance Report
Throughout the 6 Step process one-page reports can be automatically generated and distributed, keeping your team and management aware of your progress. Unlike a 20 to 30 page performance document, AQ’s single-page report will get read.


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Assured Quality’s proprietary example database is vital to achieve world class quality.

Assured Quality’s process complements ALL other quality control programs


Simple, Efficient Methods
Assured Quality provides simple, efficient methods with useful, relevant examples that enable everyone to quickly find solutions to their problems. This contributes to the development of outstanding concepts that are highly effective in solving problems but are very inexpensive in most cases.

 Essential Inexpensive Solutions
Our clients that are most effective in controlling defects have several mistake-proofing devices for each completed task. Because many devices are required to control mistakes, finding inexpensive solutions is an essential element of successful mistake proofing.
Good mistake-proofing devices always
• Simplify the process to eliminate the step that causes errors
• Control mistakes
• Shut down the process until the mistake is corrected
• Provide an active warning or
• Convert an adjustment to a setting

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Variation, mistakes, and complexity are unique and require different control methods.


There Are Three Views of Quality Control
1. Based on statistical methods and Six Sigma, the common view is that quality control is expensive.
2. Shigeo Shingo has shown that outstanding quality is achievable with minimal investments, resulting in the view that quality is free.
3. Assured Quality provides huge financial benefits for users and achieves outstanding quality control, proving that quality pays.

Reducing Liabilities Increasing Profits
It’s easy to see some visible costs of mistakes, such as recalls, rework, plant downtime, returned products, and potential litigation, but much of the cost is often hidden, resulting in millions of dollars of undetected costs associated with defects. In contrast, products that are defect free increase profits and build a company’s reputation.

Lowest Cost Quality Control
By eliminating most of the inspection time, devices that collectively mistake proof can be dramatically less expensive than the coordinate measuring machines (CMM) or custom gauges that would be required otherwise and therefore deliver the lowest implementation cost of any quality program.

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AQ’s methods are proven to be among the fastest and easiest ways to improve quality.


Improved Productivity

Mistake-proofing virtually eliminates traditional inspection. Interruptions for handling scrap, rework, and repair are eliminated, while decision times for complex operations are significantly reduced and have resulted in doubling productivity.

Eliminating Production Shutdowns

Eliminating production shutdowns, not customer loyality, is the strongest incentive for eliminating defects. Uninterrupted production flow can not be achieved without mistake–proofing.

Virtually Eliminates Scrap, Rework, and Repair

Most auto manufacturers, companies that control mistakes have virtually no rework areas in their assembly plants.

Minimizes Inventory

When every part is virtually defect free, dramatic reducing in– process parts and materials—allowing manufacturer’s to shrink the factory floor. For example the NUMMI plant in Fremont, CA now produces three completely different vehicles types in the same facility where GM formerly produced a single type of vehicle.

Customer Loyalty

Research shows that defect free products increase consumer loyal while increase the price consumer are willing to pay for premium products.

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In 20 minutes or less, you can add solutions to AQ searchable examples.



Traditional, Quality Control is viewed as being expensive. In addition, once quality levels have maxed-out throwing additional resources at your quality problems have little result—making your quality even more expensive. Assured Quality not only breaks through your current quality thresholds but will greatly increase corporate profits because of AQ’s quality program.


Surprisingly, variation is not the key source of defects. The key to perfect quality is the SMS Method: Simplify, Mistake-Proof, and Settings. This approach eliminates the need for statistical process control (SPC), while increasing corporate profits, and efficiency—it is better than free. It pays.


Until now, mistake-proofing skills took years to develop. Traditional mistake-proofing courses were filled with difficult to remember examples that often did not address the specific problems participants faced.

Dr. Martin Hinckley and Dr. Gwendolyn Galsworth, co-developed a comprehensive mistake-proofing course that teaches participants how to find and permanently eliminate almost any defect. Attendees learn how to achieve nearly perfect quality from concept to consumer. Defects are eliminated in less time, with greater cooperation and less stress.

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“This is the best training I’ve ever attended in my life.”

Corporate Quality Leader : Johnson & Johnson



  • Recognize why variation is not the key source of quality problems— and know why Six Sigma fails to find or control most defects
  • Apply our 6-Step + 1 Method to achieve outstanding control of defects caused by Complexity, Mistakes, and Adjustments
  • Efficiently develop robust quality solutions using our Tools of 5: Like the 5 Questions, 5 Whys, 5 Ways, and 5 Inspection/Control Methods


  • Why Most Quality Control Fails
  • The Exceptional Challenge of Mistakes
  • The SMS Method to World Class Quality
  • Preventing Mistakes through Simplicity
  • Secrets of Mistake-Proofing
  • Perfect Settings
  • Great Solutions Deployed Every Time

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Assured Quality’s Methods help cut part assembly time by 80%.



About Assured Quality
For over twenty years, Assured Quality has serviced the quality needs of major corporations worldwide. Assured Quality offers revolutionary solutions to design and manufacturing engineers and all employees producing or evaluating the quality of products. We provide world-class training and simple-to-use tools that are essential for boosting productivity and improving quality.

Dr. Hinckley received a PhD from Stanford University in Mechanical Engineering in 1994. His research on the link between design concept and product quality involved the participation of major automotive manufacturers, Malcolm Baldridge–award winners, and nationally recognized leaders in quality control.


AQ Mobile
Try it out for yourself. You can access the app at AQ Mobile is free to use; however, a yearly access fee is required for those companies who wish to keep their own proprietary solutions in a secure online database partition or on their own hosted platform. Proprietary licenses start at $75 per year, with volume and training discounts available.

Assured Quality has provided internal training to some of the world’s most prestigious corporations. Our nationally recognized team can train your trainers, and in just a few sessions of training your entire organization can produce the world-class quality you never dreamed was achievable. Call for availability and pricing.

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